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Full Name: Marron (I have no idea what her last name is)
Age: 3(Dbz), 13(end of Dbz), 23(Gt)
Race: Human(cyborg componets cannot be passed down by blood)
Family: Krillin(father), 18 or Juuhachigou(mom), 17 or Juunanagou(Uncle)
Fav Color: Pink
Hobbies: Shopping?
Jobs: I think she was a waitress one time o.o
Looks: kawaii! ^-^ she has blonde hair, which she always puts up in pigtails, and had no nose until she was older o.O Her eyes used to be black too, but turned blue later on....
Marron was first seen as a kawaii little girl, who was running out of the Kame house, chasing her ball. Gohan had just come, telling Krillin that Goku was coming back to fight in the tournament for one day. 18 comes out of the house saying that they'll go, and Marron agreed to go cheer for them.
At the tournament, Marron cheers for her parents, and Yamcha even covered her eyes so she wouldn't see the volience. (I've only watched the Dbz dubbed t.v. shows up to about where Vegeta is going to fight fat Buu, after he knocks Goku unconscience, so if any of the info I put now, is wrong, please email me)
Then I heard that while Marron and her parents are waiting for Goten and Trunks to finish their training, Buu comes along, and turns them into cookies!!! *gasp* Noooo Marron!!! But of course, she gets wished back. At the end of Dbz, she goes to cheer on Pan at the tournament. :)
In Gt, 17 fused with hell 17(or something o.O) and they're Super 17. He kills Krillin, but Goku and 18 finally kills Super 17.
Personally, I think Marron shouldn't be such a minor character....and she doesn't even fight! Her parents are 18 and Krillin for crying outloud...*sniff* And Bra too! Pan also  never even went super sayain! Grrrrrr...those sexists! o.O 
Plus, Marron was actually not named after Krillin's bimbo, ditzy,  airheaded, ex. girlfriend,  Maron. In the manga, he didn't even have a girlfriend. :P Marron was named that, because Krillin's name meant "Chestnut" and Marron meant, "Chestnut paste"


The name of Marron gives you a clever, quick, analytical mind, but you suffer with a great deal of self-consciousness, lack of confidence, and much aloneness because of misunderstandings. Your idealistic and sensitive nature gives you a deep appreciation for the finer things of life and a strong desire to be of service to humanity. There are times when you experience inner turbulence at your inability to say what you mean. It is far easier for you to express your deeper thoughts and feelings through writing than verbally. You find pleasure in literature, in poetry, and in your ideals and will turn to them when you feel you have been misunderstood. You are deeply moved by the beauties of life, especially nature. Because your feelings run deep, you must guard against the ups and downs, being very inspired one minute, then moody, reserved, and depressed the next. Your reactions to people vary according to how you feel. You tend to be secretive and noncommittal about private matters, yet at times you will talk effusively in order to hide your self-consciousness or to lead others away from personal subjects. You are inspired by encouragement from others, yet suspicious of their intent. You crave affection but seldom find anyone who understands your nature. Physical weaknesses would show in your heart, lungs, or bronchial organs.
I got Marron's name analyisis at Kabalarian. Doesn't this analiysis seem alot like Marron?